Academic Affairs Office – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Academic Affairs Office

Room 105,107,108,109 – Ground Floor – Block A1 – ULIS -VNU
024-22411728; 024-22411405; 024-37548137; 024-37548111;
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ha Le Kim Anh
MA. Nguyen Thuy Lan
MA. Nguyen Viet Hung
Director Deputy Director Deputy Director

The Academic Affairs Office has functions of providing the University President with consultancy of curriculum design and training activities for full – time undergraduate and high school programs at ULIS (University of Languages International Studies) and FLSS (Foreign Languages Specialized School) respectively.

  • Provide consultancy, research, design of training strategies; suggest and organize training sections in suitable modes for full – time undergraduate & high school level programs; design recruitment method at ULIS and FLSS respectively; conduct partnership training programs for double degree majors in VNU.
  • Liaise with partners to organize renovation of textbooks, teaching materials, syllabi, teaching methods, testing and assessment; construct systems of standard testing and assessment of the university.
  • Construct long term and annual teaching plans; construct time –  tables of using teaching halls, equipment; organize and implement training management at the above mentioned levels; supervise the implementation of the plans assigned by the university President or higher positions in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Education & Training and Vietnam National University – Hanoi; organize final exams of common subjects at the university.
  • Make plans and organize admission for undergraduate, double degree programs and high school programs of the University.
  • Organize internship programs for graduate students. 
  • Manage students’ academic results; Supply data to consider granting scholarships; Liaise with other departments to suspend substandard students from school; manage, supervise and evaluate training quality through the implementation of regulations, teaching plans, time tables of all training units and staff members based on the assigned curriculum. 
  • Implement procedures to consider and award BA degrees to graduate students of full time programs, double degree and certificates to students of partnership programs in accordance with legal documents; Manage, consider procedures and supervise awarding BA degree, certificates, academic transcripts to students of the above mentioned training programs. 
  • Liaise with units in VNU to organize and manage teaching activities of some subjects such as Political Theory, National Defense Education and Physical Education for full time students.
  • Manage foreign language education for full time non- foreign language majors in VNU. Coordinate with the Center for Language Testing and Assessment to organize exams; award certificates in accordance with VNU regulations.
  • Coordinate with Politics & Student Affairs Office and Training Faculties to admit students, manage students’ learning quality in the whole learning process in the university.
  • Coordinate with Planning & Finance Office to make plans for using the State’s budget in training and education; suggest methods of spending for training activities assigned by the President; pay training units for their extra-teaching periods annually. 
  • Coordinate with the Asset Management & Security Office to arrange efficient use of equipment, teaching halls and classrooms for training and admission activities of the university.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Cooperation & Development and Training units to construct plans and implement projects of cooperation programs for foreign training affairs.
  • Coordinate with the Center for Information Technology, Communication & Learning Resources; Center for Language Research & Education; Center for Quality Assurance and the Asset Management & Security Office to organize renovation activities of teaching methods, interpretation practice and construction of electronic lectures.
  • Liaise with other departments to instruct, supervise all units in the university to implement relevant quality standards.
  • The Director of the Office can sign and grant relevant documents of training assigned by the President.
  • Implement other duties assigned by the President.
  • 2001: Constructed training programs for fast-track program of English Language Teacher Education and English Language majors.
  • 2006: Converted 18 undergraduate programs from academic year-based system into credit-based system.
  • 2008: Constructed undergraduate programs for double-degree programs in English and Chinese in VNU.
  • 2009: Constructed partnership training programs with Economics University-VNU in English-Finance & Banking, English-Business Administration, English-Economics majors.
  • 2009: Started undertaking all programs of foreign language education for VNU students.
  • 2011: Constructed output standard of training programs and converted 18 undergraduate programs based on the output standards.
  • 2012: Newly constructed fast-track programs in Chinese, French and Japanese.
  • 2012: Evaluated quality of 4 standard mainstream training programs of pedagogy and 2 programs of Linguistics based on the standards of Ministry of Education & Training and VNU.
  • 2012: Evaluated quality of fast-track programs in English Language Teacher Education, French Language Teacher Education and Chinese Language Teacher Education based on the standards of VNU.
  • 2013: Evaluated quality of fast-track programs in English Language Teacher Education based on the standard of AUN.
  • 2014: Piloted proficiency – based admission in accordance with VNU regulations.
  • 2014: Started deploying fast-track programs in Chinese, French and Japanese Languages.
  • 2014: Completed regulation set of undergraduate training management.
  • 2015: Started applying proficiency-based admission in accordance with VNU regulations.
  • 2017: Started recruiting students for Korean Language Teacher Education program.
  • 2018: Started recruiting students for fast-track program in Korean language in accordance with Circular 23/2014 of the Ministry of Training & Education.
  • Received the title: Collective of Advanced Working in 2005, 2006.
  • Received the title: Collective of Excellent Working from 2007 to 2018.
  • Received the Certificates of Merit by Vietnamese Prime Minister in 2002, 2010.
  • Received the Certificates of Merit by President of VNU in 1999, 2000, 2008, 2013, 2015.