Student Support Center – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Student Support Center

Room 109 – Block A2 – ULIS -VNU

The Student Support Center functions to advise, organize and manage student support activities, as a focal point between employers and sponsors and students through joint relations activities. career, seeking funding, career counseling organizations.

♦ Support learning and scientific research

  • Organizing support activities, advising students in studying and scientific research.
  • Coordinate with other units in and outside the University to organize seminars, seminars and conferences for students.
  • Looking for other funding sources (in addition to funding from organizations and individuals who directly contact the school) to support students’ life, study and scientific research.

♦ Career orientation, advice, job introduction and recruitment

  • Be the contact point for non-university units in supporting students. Introduce jobs for students, find a source of jobs suitable for students’ learning conditions and time.
  • Organizing counseling sessions, job introduction for students; organize exchanges between students and employers.
  • Organize various workshops and activities to provide complementary skills and career skills for students; act as a focal point for certification of participation / completion of related activities / programs for students.
  • Organize practical tours at businesses to help students reinforce the knowledge they have learned and add practical experiences.

♦ Health, mental health, extracurricular, cultural and sports activities

  • Organize activities to support students who are struggling in learning and living.
  • Organize topics on life skills, physiological, love, communication, gender health …
  • Do the first to organize or coordinate with other units to organize sightseeing and extracurricular activities for students.

♦ Service activities

  • Coordinate with a number of units and businesses to sell products according to students’ needs, such as organizing product introduction booths of the University and enterprises.
  • Organize job introduction activities with collection of organizational funds from enterprises.

♦ Perform other duties assigned by the Principal

  • The center becomes a focal point to receive recruitment information and inform students through the posting of website, fanpage, message board, sending notice to students. Articles are systematically posted and friendly in finding more information with students.
  • Promoting internship model for domestic and foreign students: completing the process of organizing internship activities abroad; successfully organized 02 batches of interns in Japan; propaganda about overseas internships to faculty students; coordinate with negotiating units – prepare for internship activities in Taiwan; organized for 36 students of Chinese Faculty of Agricultural and Social Sciences to practice at Regina Hai Phong Company from 1/6 to 31/7.
  • Organizing Job Fair, Seminar Students and recruiters: The job festival held on April 1, 2017 attracted 39 businesses to participate and nearly 3000 consultations – interviews with Student’s business. Besides, from February 5, 2017, TTCV organized 07 seminars of businesses and employers with students (IT Identity Company, Vietnam airlines, Smart Shirts …).
  • Organization of career-oriented counseling, starting a business: talking talk “Which way for foreign language students” (February 17).
  • Coordinating with functional units of student and alumni employment statistics: Completing post-graduate student employment statistics for QH2012 and QH2013.
  • Organizing a friendly football match between V-stars football team and the school union, raising scholarships for 15 underprivileged students with excellent academic achievements with a total value of scholarships up to VND 52 million.
  • Organize 02 summer swimming classes – enhance basic life skills for students.
  • Organization of job introduction and employment for students: introducing 04 students teaching at Vietnam Australia International School, 278 students volunteering for World Scholar Cup program …
  • Stable organization of TTTSV: 02 staff, 03 students support, initially set up an office located at room 109 A2; build logo and fanpage on TT’s facebook page.