JCLF students share thoughts and feelings about their 2-week journey in Vietnam – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

JCLF students share thoughts and feelings about their 2-week journey in Vietnam

JCLF students (Japan) have a 2-week study-tour course at ULIS. During this time, they have experienced a lot of interesting things such as making potteries, visiting Vietnam attractions, eating Vietnamese coisine, etc. Here are some thoughts and feelings about this journey.

Naoki Shibata: “There are a lot of things that i was surprised about. I’m surprised about the Vietnamese temperature. It’s hot in November. There are so many people driving a motorbike. I learn that people in Vietnam have to use this means of transport because it is traffic everywhere, they can’t go through easily without this means.”

Aya Sekizawa: “I think i have many good and wonderful experiences. I think that my English skills have developed very much along with my Vietnamese through this trip. I have decided to learn English, Vietnamese and even Japanese more. Definitely, i will come back here again.”

Reina Tayano: “I think my Vietnam journey is fantastic because i met many wonderful people in Vietnam. I went to various places in Vietnam, ate a lot of Vietnamese food and studied Vietnamese. It was so exciting for me to spend time in Vietnam.”

Saki Kudo: “In Vietnam, I could not only immerse myself in the language, culture i can also feel the kindness of the people here. I had a lot of great time here. If i had a chance, i think i would come back here again. Thank you so much for the 2 weeks.”

Momoka Fujita: “I ate a lot of fruit and bought a lot of souvenirs back home. I can’t wait to wear Ao dai on the closing ceremony.”

Satsuki Tada: “Vietnamese food is so delicious, i didn’t use to eat something spicy but now i love it, i love mango juice now. I ate Pho Bo, Nem ran, Banh mi, Banh xeo and Nem lui. My favorite is Banh xeo and Nem lui, i want to eat them once a week!! I only have 2 weeks in Vietnam. It’s not enough so i want to come back here again!!.”

Ishii Mariko: “I’m very happy to spend 2 weeks in Vietnam. I learn that Vietnamese has tones. The tone things are so difficult to manage. The meaning changes completely with a slight modification. I want to come back here where delicious food and nature are rich.” 

Rio Watanbe: “I learned a lot through this training course. I realized that it is so hard to learn 2 different languages at once. I want to use what i have learned in my future life.”

Maki Shigeta: “My best memory in Vietnam is making a lot of new friends along the journey. I enjoyed very much my uneasy life with the support of teachers and friends.”

Mao Yamaguchi: “The most enjoyable memory in Vietnam is going to the old quarter at night. I like the food here because it is so delicious. I had a wonderful memory. If i can come back here again, i want to stop by the old quarter.”

Asuka Takano: “If my Vietnamese friend comes to Japan, I will show her around. The 2-week course in Vietnam has come to an end, I would definitely like to come back here.”

Komatsu Asuka: “The Vietnamese volunteers were so kind to me. They are very good at Japanese so i didn’t have any trouble when communicating. I’m learning Korean so i want to be able to speak foreign languages fluently like them.”

Nao Amano: “I bought a lot of clothes in Hoi An, especially one with the Vietnam flag on it. I took a lot of photos there. I really enjoyed the journey.”

Hiromu Yokota: “I’m a Japanese, you are Vietnamese. Even though we were born in different countries, use different languages and have different cultures, we can be kind to others.”

Takuto Endo: “The Vietnamese students introduced me to a lot of tourist attractions and got me to eat a lot of different kinds of food. I had good time and experience in here.”