Many impressive figures in the 2018 undergraduate admission

A great deal of information about the success of the full-time undergraduate admission in 2018 and several plans for the full-time undergraduate enrollment in 2019 were announced and discussed at the Summary Conference on the full-time undergraduate admission at ULIS – VNU.

On October 19th, 2018, the Summary Conference on the full-time undergraduate admission in 2018 was held at ULIS – VNU. The conference was organized to evaluate the admission task in 2018 and discuss the proposed enrollment plans in 2019.

The Conference was chaired by President Do Tuan Minh and participated by Vice President Nguyen Xuan Long, members of the 2018 full-time undergraduate admission committee, members of the committee for communication on 2018 full-time undergraduate admission.

Addressing at the conference, President Do Tuan Minh highly appreciated the performance of 2018 full-time undergraduate admission committee and its sub-committee of communication as well as the whole university. By a great effort, the university has conducted a successful enrollment with impressive figures.

According to the report of the Academic Affairs Office, in the 2018 undergraduate admission, more than 1500 students, passed the entrance examination, proceeded their admissions at ULIS. These students come from 42/63 provinces and centrally-run cities all over the country, mainly from Hanoi, Nam Dinh, Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Phu Tho, which showed that ULIS attracted candidates from many areas.

Among those students, there are 1336 candidates accepted through the entrance examination result while other 134 were recruited through ULIS’s direct offer and 336 students from 35 specialised high schools, which is remarkable since one out of five freshmen have studied in gifted high schools.

The significant success of this year’s enrollment is greatly contributed by the program “ULIS Ambassadors”. More than 90 ULIS students enthusiastically backed to their high schools to promote ULIS’s student  recruitment. It is reported that, after the promotion in 57 high schools, there were 532 students, accounting for ⅓ of the total quantity of freshmen, from these schools entered ULIS.

In this year’s enrollment, it is worth noting that the University enrolled successfully 322 students for fast-track training program in accordance with the Circular 23/TT BGDDT. These are new programs which have been launched since this year but already attracted a great number of students. These programs are designed to meet the social needs of high-quality human resources with a commitment on high-quality curricula, standards, facilities, etc and many special policies. At present, the program of Japanese, Currently, fast-track programs of Japanese, Korean and Chinese have been implemented and received positive feedback from teachers and students.

In a self reflection and assessment, President Do Tuan Minh said that the University’s increasing success came from three following factors, ULIS’s history and prestige, the reputation of VNU and the improved training quality, especially the establishment of the fast-track training programs in accordance with the Circular 23/TT BGDDT.

The report on the full-time undergraduate enrollment in 2018 also pointed out that ULIS had always paid much attention to disseminating information on the University, training faculties and training majors and providing advice to students via hotline and other information channels. Activities such as the establishment of the recruitment council and the communication committee for enrollment, the development of admissions plans, the implementation of the “ULIS Ambassadors” program,  online and offline admission advice, the development of communication products, the diversification of communication means, the participation in organizing the national high school leaving examination and the organization of post-inspection achieved remarkable success.

After the undergraduate enrollment, all ULIS’s units cooperated well with one another to organize the student week with various exciting and useful activities attracting many freshmen. During the process of enrollment, the University always assured that the activities were clear, transparent and in accordance with the regulations and stewardship of the Steering committee and the Admission council so as to ensure the rights and benefits of students.

The conference also discussed the 2019 full-time undergraduate enrollment proposal and the communication plan for this enrollment with tentative targets. In the 2019 full-time undergraduate admission, ULIS will

develop an enrollment proposal for all majors to meet the requirements of MOET, VNU and the whole society. The fast-track training programs under the Circular 23 continue to be expanded and paid special attentions with the hope of leveling up the training qualification and meeting the current job competitiveness. There will be an increasing number of programs to support, encourage and grant scholarships for excellent students.

For the first time working as the President of the Full-time Undergraduate Admission Committee, Vice President Nguyen Xuan Long expressed his gratitude towards members who contributed to the successful enrollment satisfying both student quantity and quality criteria for the University, especially with the new fast-track training programs. Vice President appreciated the high sense of responsibility of ULIS’s units and hoped that this would be promoted further in the coming year.

Closing the Conference, President Do Tuan Minh affirmed that with the current trend of financial autonomy and increasing competition in education, the University needed to improve the quality of training to prove its competences. To facilitate the undergraduate admission in 2019, the President issued six directives and emphasized the responsibility of training  faculties/divisions toward the admission in the next years.

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