Music night “The sound of Autumn” 2018, where FLSS’s feeling is fired up

Back in the old days, people used to say “Autumn is the poem of nature”; it is completely right! Autumn itself has a special poetry sense, which is even more beautiful and magnificent in the middle of a musical night.

This special night called “The sound of Autumn” was held in the evening of October 10th, 2018 at the FLSS (ULIS – VNU), made this fall at FLSS brighter and more charming.

“The sound of Autumn” was attended by Dr. Do Tuan Minh – ULIS’s President; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Minh Thuy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lam Quang Dong, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Long – ULIS’s Vice Presidents; represetatives from different units of the University’s; the school’s staff; guests; and students.

The music party was also attended by representatives of press agencies, newspapers; representatives of agencies and units which have cooperative relationships with the school.

What prompted the School to organize such music party?

In the academic year of 2018-2019, FLSS continues to implement many reforms in teaching and learning activities in order to create increasingly better products to meet the trend of globalization.

In addition to the intensive renovations in teaching and learning foreign languages ​​as well as other subjects, the school continues to change the teaching and learning approaches in physical education and national defense education, which have initially yielded praise-worthy success.

From this school year on, FLSS intends to teach music as an optional extracurricular program to develop students’ artistic capacity for the purpose of assisting students to develop comprehensively in Morality – Intellect – Physicality – Art.

The facilities for this subject have been well-prepared by FLSS. Modern music room with 20 electronic pianos, 01 Grand Piano, 01 Remo Drumheads, 15 Cajon drums, 05 guitars, sound and light equipment. On September 18th and 26th, 2018, the school held two workshops introducing musical instruments and musical education program to students.

The music night was held to use music to introduce the musical education program of FLSS. This was also an opportunity for the school to show gratitude to the spiritual and material support of parents for FLSS’s teachers and students.

Opening the music night, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Van – FLSS’s Principal, shared his hope that the students would be more comprehensively trained to have better integration. He affirmed that the music room was the work comprising all the love and concern of the school and students’ parents and presenting a meaningful milestone and gift for all FLSS’s students. At the same time, on behalf of the school’s leaders, he expressed a determination to do everything to make FLSS ​​become the school of choice of secondary school students after their graduation.

What was going on during the event?

The music night was an event for FLSS’s teachers, students and music lovers to listen to the soft, melodious sounds together like the breath of autumn from the orchestra, from the smooth lyrics sung by parents, students and the artists that will directly teach FLSS’s students.

Coming to the music night, the audience could feel as if they were able to fly to the moon to play with the stars through Fly me to the moon performed by the artists from Anh Dao Art Center; immersed in Hanoi’s autumn featured by deep and gentle melody of violinist Diem My and guitarist Bich Hang; lulled by artist Yuki Urushihara’s trumpet with Il Silenzio; float their souls away with the sweeping sound of a never-ending musical parade through the classic guitar song La cumparsita; fire their souls up with the vibrant sound of We will rock you presented by the drumming of students from two clubs, CRC and CMC, collaborating with artist Hyang Gee Lee; and feel the bravery in the wings of free-flying eagle and the absolute reach of nomadic people through the excellent symphony Tinh ca du muc (Nomadic love song).

Not only did the music night attract audiences by instrumental pieces of music, but it also let us enjoy famous songs such as “Em ơi Hà Nội phố” (Hanoi’s streets, sweetheart) (presented by a music lecturer, Mr. Danh Toan); “Chưa bao giờ mẹ kể” (My mother has never told me) (CMC band from FLSS); “Trieu doa hoa hong” (singer Tuyet Tuyet – a student’s parent).

Tiếng thu” (the sound of autumn) was also an occasion for music fans to express the similarities. The music exchange between musicians and guests also gave audiences instinct impression. Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan – an English teacher of FLSS passionately performed the song “Hà Nội mười hai mùa hoa” (12 seasons of flowers in Hanoi), Artist Tien Dat and Ms. Quynh Anh romantically and profoundly sang “Đừng hỏi em” (Don’t ask me); Mr. Cu Thanh Nghi – Deputy Director of Personnel Organization Office contributed to the music night by melodious guitar tune with two songs “Nhạc rừng” (Music in forest) and “Hà Nội niềm tin và hy vọng” (Hanoi, belief and hope).

“Tiếng thu” finished but the spirit of the music night still widely spreads. Hopefully, the music night will become a bridge connecting art passion souls among students of FLSS and the music will be the wind beneath their wings to motivate them to gain more success in the future.

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