Singing ceremony in training cooperation between ULIS and the Department of Education and Training of Langson

According to the cooperation deal, ULIS and the Department of Education and Training of Langson will work with each other in training and enhancing the teaching quality for local teachers and the ability of learning foreign languages for local students as well.

On 11th October, 2018, Dr. Do Tuan Minh, ULIS’s President attended the event with Director of the Department of Education and Training Langson Tran Quoc Tuan and Deputy Head of the Langson High school Education Office Tran Minh Chau.

The President was joined by ULIS’s Vice presidents Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Minh Thuy and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lam Quang Dong; Chairman of the Cooperation and Development Consultancy Council Nguyen Lan Trung, and representatives of the University’s units.

At the ceremony, an official deal called “Langson Program” was signed. The program aims to cultivate the proficiency of High schools’ English teacher in Langson. This program stems from the renovation and improvement of practical, empirical activities and fieldworks specifically set to suit the local conditions in Langson.

The signing ceremony was resulted from a sequence of workings, examinations, and empirical activities undertaken by the ULIS’s Northwest Program research team.

What will be undertaken in the Program?

According to the deal, The University will organize various activities to improve the teaching quality for over 80 teachers and enhance the ability of learning foreign languages for thousands students from 12 local high schools in three separate districts in Langson.

Contractually, the teachers will be trained under a new model in a practical environment with certain objectives and results.

Thoughts and expressions from both sides

Delivering his speech at the ceremony, President Do Tuan Minh said: “Langson Program is one of the  activities that the University is supposed to do to provide a decent service to the community. Through these activities, the University expects to improve, enhance the quality of teaching and learning English language in Vietnam.”

“The University takes the Program very serious. All of the members of the University will work side-by-side with the local authorities to realize the aspiration to boost the English language proficiency amongst teachers and students in Langson”. He says.

The Director of the Department of Education and Training Tran Quoc Tuan appreciated the enthusiasm and hard work that the University had been putting on the Program. He expressed his trust in the effectiveness of the Program and committed to give best conditions for the University to undertake the Program smoothly.

After this ceremony, a sequence of activities will be undertaken, including ULIS’s teachers and students come to the local High schools.