Center for Language Testing and Assessment – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Center for Language Testing and Assessment

6th Floor – Block A1 – ULIS – VNU
024 62601376; 024 62605797
  Dr. Nguyen Thi Quynh Yen
Dr. Tran Thi Thu Hien
  Director Deputy Director

The Center for Language Testing and Assessment has the function of building and managing the banks of exam questions to assess foreign language proficiency, organizing and implementing  the activities of examining, assessing foreign languages for a variety of learners, building and implementing programs supporting examiners in foreign language testing and assessment.

  • Organize the implementation of exams assessing foreign language proficiency and grant foreign language certificates that meet the needs of the society.
  • Liaise with other units to build and manage the banks of subsections that assess foreign language proficiency.
  • Manage, store the relevant language testing and assessment results, data, documents, texts, profiles and certificates in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and VNU.
  • Liaise with other units to organize the implementation of scientific technology research projects relevant to the center’s functions.
  • Implement the transfer of knowledge and science services, apply research results, experience in language testing and assessment inside and outside the country, aiming at improving the quality of foreign language training.
  • Organize training professional skills for officials of language testing and assessment; build human resources, language testing and assessment proficiency for ULIS-VNU and units outside the university.
  • Liaise with other units to organize conferences, symposiums relating to language testing and assessment.
  • Build plans for professional development of the Center, take the initiative in arranging staff members in the Center and coordinate with other units to complete the tasks. Improve professional skills for staff in the Center; manage the facilities, equipment of the Center.
  • Coordinate with training faculties and functional units in the university to organize and use the equipment, halls, classes, aiming at completing tasks of the Center.
  • Cooperate with units and individuals inside and outside the university as well as in foreign countries to implement work related to functions and duties of the Center in accordance with the current regulations of the law.
  • Implement the consulting task related to the activities of examining, assessing foreign language.
  • Implement other tasks assigned by the President.
  • Organized high quality exams assessing foreign language proficiency, successfully building prestigious brands of examining, assessing foreign language proficiency of the university.
  • Built the subjects of the tests assessing foreign language proficiency that have good quality and meet the needs of examining, assessing of the university and organizations, units in the society, contributing greatly to building the brand of the VSTEP standardized test in the university.
  • Well implemented the work of consulting policies about examining, assessing foreign language for the university and the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Implemented a lot of profound research on foreign language testing & assessment, contributing to improving the prestige and position of the university on foreign language assessment in the region and the world. Particularly, the center is the professional unit to register the university as the 9th official member of the Academic Forum on English Language Testing in Asia – AFELTA in 2017.
  • Well implemented many important tasks assigned by the Foreign Language National Project on renovating foreign language testing and assessment. 
  • The Center is a professional unit to implement training and improve the competence of foreign language testing and assessment for officials inside and outside the university; successfully implemented the Center’s project, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Training on improving the competence of foreign language examiners and test designers at national level.
  • Implemented the project on transferring intellectual and technology for foreign language testing and assessment at nationwide and worldwide level from 2016.
  • Renovated testing and assessment to define the output standard for foreign language proficiency of foreign language students in the university in accordance with standardized regulations from 2015.
  • Renovated recruitment of FLSS from 2016.