ULIS Research

Topic leader



Nguyen Thi Minh Tram



The implementation of the Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset Course for Undergraduates at ULIS-VNU: A Needs Analysis Study

Lam Thi Hoa Binh

Phan Thi Ngoc Le

Investigation into fieldtrip implementation in project-based teaching for Customs learners

Dang Thi Thanh Thuy

Pham Truong Xuan, Hoang Thi Bich, Nguyen Anh Tu, Nguyen Thuy Linh

Study on Reforming Technical Internship for Tourism-oriented French Language Students to Meet Learning Outcome Standards

Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang

Pham Thi Ngoc Lan 

Application of design thinking in helping students’ implementation of scientific research

Dang Ngoc Sinh


Measuring the Effect of Asynchronous Discussion in an Economics and English Integrated Course

Cao Thi Hai Bac

Ha Thu Huong, Tran Mai Loan

Research to promote Teaching and Learning the Major of Korean Studies at VNU-University of Languages and International Studies

Nguyen Thi Thang

Dao Thi Dieu Linh, Nguyen Xuan Long, Ta Nhat Anh, Nguyen Duc Giang, Nguyen Thi Phuong,

Mental health of students majoring in foreign languages at a Vietnamese university

Nguyen Thi Minh Tam


The influence of genre-based activities on students’ writing skills development

Nguyen Thi Chi


Tensions for college English teachers as assessors

Nguyen Chi Duc

Hoang Thi Hanh

Attitudes towards English proficiency requirement for EFL high-school teachers in Vietnam

Nguyen Huy Hoang

Pham Thanh Thuy

Online teaching and assessment of English skills: Challenges and solutions

Pham Thi Thuy Linh

Phan Ngoc Quynh Anh

English teachers’ emotional perspectives during the COVID-19 conversion to online teaching

Tran Phuong Linh

Hoang Nguyen Thu Trang

Developing criteria for evaluating the English-Vietnamese extemporaneous interpretation test

Nguyen Thi Quynh Yen

Tran Thi Thu Hien,
Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quynh,
Bui Thien Sao,
Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao,
Nguyen Thi Chi,
Nguyen Quynh Hoa

Online language testing in VNU University of Languages and International Studies in 2021 and 2022: Issues and Solutions

Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong

Nguyen Hong Ngoc

Construction and reconstruction of teacher identity of English language teachers in rural areas in Vietnam through the lens of narrative inquiry

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh

Hoang Thi Mai Phuong

Adapting Arabic short stories into plays and short clips for 3rd year students majoring in Arabic Language, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen

The pre-service teacher training activities for English language teacher education in blended learning: The innovation and adaptation

Tran Thi Hoang Anh


The research capability of lecturers and students at VNU-ULIS: Problems and solutions

Nguyen Thi Minh Tram

Nguyen Thi Chi,
Nguyen Thanh Van,
Tran Thi Thu Nga,
Ngo Thi Thanh

Effectiveness of professional development activities: Voices from Vietnamese tertiary EFL teachers

Bui Thi Anh Ngoc


Application of CDIO initiative in implementing experiential learning projects for non-English major students

Pham Thi Thu Huong

Nguyen Thi Bao Ngan

Application of novel pedagogical methods to teaching the multimodal communicative Chinese course

Nguyen Dinh Hien


Research on linguistics errors in the Chinese oral exam and its application in teaching Chinese at the VNU University of Languages and International Studies

Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh

Le Thi Thuy

Enhancing language teachers’ reliance for coping with uncertainty and riding the waves of changes

Nguyen Thuy Lan

Nguyen Viet Hung,
Nguyen Thu Trang

The correlation (if any) between the results of the students who are matriculated by different enrollment methods and their academic results after the first year at the University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Pham Thi Hai Yen

Pham Kim Chung, Ton Quang Cuong

Building e-learning materials to support 10th graders to learn physics in English

Vuong Thi Thanh Nhan

Lam Quang Dong, Nguyen Ninh Bac, Nguyen Thuy Lan

A pre-feasibility study for building a translator competency framework for translator training

Chu Thi Phong Lan

Phan Thi Huyen Trang

The acquisition of the path component in directed motion constructions headed by the verb ‘đi’ in Vietnamese by Korean learners

Dao Thi Tuyet Nhung


Historical Lens – Gamification of the history subject for secondary school – phase 1 for the 6th

Lam Thi Hoa Binh


Developing a handbook of concepts and keywords in educational technology

Phan Thi Huyen Trang


Definiteness in Vietnamese Noun Phrases