Cooperation & Development Office – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Cooperation & Development Office

Room 405-407-408-409, Block A1 – ULIS – VNU
  Dr. Do Minh Hoang  

The Cooperation & Development Office has functions of providing the university President with consultancy and support for Domestic and Foreign Cooperation & Development of the university.

  • Construct and implement the university’s cooperation & development strategy, efficiently exploit cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign training, research units and organizations. Popularize the image, raise the standing of the university among international universities. Compile documents about the university in different foreign languages.
  • Construct programs, projects of cooperation. Develop cooperative relationships in training, scientific research, activities of academic exchange, cadre & student exchange, make use of sponsorship sources from domestic and foreign counterparts.
  • Coordinate with other units in the university to construct and deploy cooperative activities with domestic counterparts.
  • Coordinate with relevant units to implement procedures for partnership cooperation in international training.
  • Manage the university’s activities of foreign affairs. Coordinate with relevant units to manage international teachers, researchers and students working and studying in the university. Prepare the contents, programs, documents and other conditions for the Governing Board to work with foreign counterparts. Compile signing documents, organize signing ceremony between the university and foreign counterparts and supervise the implementation of the signed documents.
  • Make plans, prepare the contents and necessary procedures for the university’s working teams to visit and work with foreign counterparts as well as for the international delegations to visit and work with the university.
  • Liaise with other units to supervise the units in the university to implement relevant quality-appraising standards.
  • The Office Director can sign internal memos and conclusions of the meetings which are relevant to the management assigned by the President.
  • The Office Director can sign endorsing the working period of foreign experts, lecturers, students working and studying in the university in accordance with the President’s regulations. 
  • Implement other duties assigned by the President.
  • Well coordinate, manage and implement the university’s international activities.
  • Construct the network of units and staff members to support and actively participate in their cooperation & development.
  • Successfully organize annual Conferences on Cooperation & Development.
  • Coordinate with other units to construct and complete the set of Scientific Technology for the dissemination and popularization of the university’s image.
  • Develop and exploit cooperative relationships with over 100 domestic and foreign counterparts.
  • Establish close relationship among 3 leading foreign language universities: ULIS (VNU) –FLU (Hue University) – FLU (Da Nang University).
  • Established the Center for East Asian Cooperation CEAREC under the Cooperation & Development Office. Successfully organize the symposium on training human resources for Asia.
  • Efficiently cooperate with GEC Vietnam – Spain (Gestión Educativa Consultores) Company Ltd and the Italian Embassy on sending volunteer lecturers to teach Spanish and Italian as second foreign languages to Vietnamese students.
  • Liaise with other units to organize the talk show with the Assistant to US Secretary of State Marie Royce on teaching English.
  • Help to implement the university’s strategic duties for cooperation and development: Organized the international seminar One Asia with over 500 international delegates from over 10 participating countries.
  • Organize foreign internship courses for students of the Japanese, Korean faculties and in the future for students of the Chinese, German faculties.
  • Annually receive over 50 rounds of foreign experts and teachers to work for long- term and short-term periods in the university.
  • Receive more and more foreign students from different groups who follow various courses such as: full-time, short-term exchange, educational exchange, cultural experience and especially learning Vietnamese.