Faculty of Graduate Studies – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Ground Floor – Block A3 – ULIS – VNU
024.37547435 / 024.66806770
Dr. Huynh Anh Tuan

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is an administrative management unit, a training unit of ULIS – VNU. It has the function of managing and organizing graduate education level, research and implementation of scientific activities to serve teaching and training activities of highly qualified foreign language staff for the country.

  • Performing the management in relation to graduate education level.
  • Coordinating with the training departments, lecturers and researchers in and outside the University to participate in graduate training.
  • Developing plans and managing graduate training and fostering process to improve qualifications for different subjects in accordance with the graduate training regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and VNU as well .
  • Planning and organizing graduate entrance exams.
  • Providing training for the general knowledge modules (including Philosophy and Foreign Language) and two modules of basic and specialized knowledge (including General Linguistics and Research Methods).
  • Supervising, inspecting, monitoring and supporting the other Faculties to carry out the teaching activities of remaining basic and specialized knowledge modules.
  • Organizing the compilation of textbooks and learning materials for graduate education level.
  • Organizing and implementing joint training programs with domestic and foreign partners at graduate level.
  • Organizing scientific research for lecturers and students.
  • Implementing procedures for approving, recognizing graduation, Master’s and Doctorate degrees and academic transcripts.
  • Managing records, study results.
  • Managing facilities and equipment of the Faculty.
  • Coordinating with the Finance & Planning Office to make a plan to use funding for graduate training.
  • Coordinating with the Assets Management & Security Office to arrange and use equipment, halls, classrooms for graduate training and enrollment.
  • Coordinating with the Cooperation &Development Office and other Faculties to develop plans and implement international cooperation projects, programs and activities of graduate training.
  • Coordinating with the Center for Language Testing & Assessment to organize examinations for graduate training programs.
  • Coordinating with the Center for Information Technology, Communication & Learning Resources and Hanoi National University Information – Library Center to develop, update information and effectively use teaching materials for graduate training.
  • The Dean of the Faculty is allowed to sign and grant a number of documents related to graduate training.
  • The Dean of the Faculty is allowed to sign internal notices and conclude meetings related to the management field.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the President.
  • Proud to train a number of generations of talented students. As of February 2017, the Faculty had 63 doctoral students and 502 master students who were studying and researching in 8 doctoral majors and 11 majors of Master’s courses.
  • As one of the few units in Vietnam that has been granted 2 Certificate of accreditation according to the quality assessment standards of the Southeast Asian University Network (ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance, AUN-QA), including the Master of Arts program in English Language and the Master’s Program in Theory and English teaching method.
  • Being the first unit in the country to offer a Master’s course in Korean Language.
  • Organized the first national graduate research conference in 2017, which was being upgraded to an international conference in 2018.
  • Clubs for graduate students is in place.