Politics & Student Affairs Office – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Politics & Student Affairs Office

  • Room 106 – Block A1 (Student Affairs unit) – ULIS – VNU
  • Room 304 – Block A1 (Politics unit) – ULIS – VNU
  • Room 109 – Block A2: Student support center – ULIS – VNU
  • Student Affairs unit: 024.66863316
  • Politics unit: 024.66863216
MA. Vu Van Hai
MSc. Nguyen Van Doan
Director Deputy Director
  • Provide Party Committee, Governing Board with Consultancy; Coordinate with Division of Propaganda, Communist Youth Union to organize learning Communist Guidelines, Advocacies, Policies, Resolutions and State laws; propagate, disseminate Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh ideology to staff members and students of the University.
  • Coordinate with other departments to master the situation, ideology development of the staff members and students, suggest advocacies and measures to implement suitable political education in each stage.
  • Organize political and legal education in accordance with the advocacies of the Communist party committee and Governing Board; Educate national traditions on the occasion of historic commemoration and events throughout the year. 
  • Deploy moral education, life guidelines; implement political security tasks, social order, safety, prevent crime and social evils among students.
  • Organize and manage the information system, disseminate information within the university including bulletin boards, notice boards, banners and posters.
  • Implement full time undergraduate student management, coordinate with the Foreign Language Specialized School to manage some tasks which are relevant to students.
  • Organize admission of full-time students; coordinate with training units to implement classification of students; coordinate with relevant units to make student cards, arrange medical check-ups for students after admission.
  • Organize school year opening ceremony, closing ceremony and commencement ceremony to grant B.A degree to full-time graduate students.
  • Supervise, evaluate students’ sense of study and training; classify, rank students at the end of each semester, school year and batch; organize emulations to reward collective and individual learners.
  • Liaise with relevant units to punish students for breaking the regulations and suspend students from school in accordance with the University regulations.
  • Collect, synthesize data, manage students’ profile. Handle assigned administrative tasks relevant to students.
  • Organize and manage alumni network.
  • Organize “orientation week” at the beginning of each school year. Organize political, social, cultural, sport activities and clubs for students. Organize students’ referendums in order to improve service quality for students.
  • Liaise with other units to implement policies in terms of granting State and Non-State scholarships, social welfare, supporting and waiving tuition, providing insurance and finance support for training as well as relevant treatment for students.
  • Organize supplementary skills courses for students.
  • Liaise with other departments to consider procedures of sending students abroad for study tours, research and participation in conferences and visits. Provide reference letters for students.
  • Provide career orientation for students; contact agencies, enterprises to introduce jobs to students; refer students to working places for practicum; organize support activities for students.
  • Support the President to do summary, student evaluation tasks and make reports to the Ministry of Education & Training and VNU periodically.
  • Implement local military tasks for full-time undergraduate students.
  • Coordinate with the Academic Affair Office to suspend students from school.
  • Coordinate with security agencies, functional units in the university to deal with questions of security and social order relevant to full-time undergraduate students.
  • Coordinate with other units for foreign students’ management in the university.
  • Instruct, supervise all units in the university to implement relevant quality evaluation standards.
  • The director of Politics & Student Affairs Office can sign some documents assigned by the President. 
  • Implement other tasks assigned by the President.

  Political ideology

  • Being a united and unanimous collective. Strictly implement propagating all State’s guidelines and the Communist Party’s advocacies.
  • Actively 100% participate in all emulation movements and campaigns at all levels.
  • Efficiently implement the movement “Study and follow late President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, moral and style” and the movement “Two Nos”
  • Always well fulfill all assigned tasks, have a good sense of criticism and self-criticism. 
  • Have a good, smooth, efficient and in-time working contact with all units inside and outside the University.

  Professional implementation

  • A collective of well-qualified staff-members with good expertise, experience and skills in dealing with student affairs.
  • Actively and efficiently participate in political work and student affairs, particularly in-time and efficiently dealing with administrative procedures.

  Fostering and developing staff members

  • Actively participate in and have a great contribution to developing and fostering staff members in the University in general and in the Office in particular.

  Management task

  • The whole office is a solid unit, ready to take care of and support one another to fulfill all assigned tasks, overcome all difficulties in all circumstances as well as in life.

  Other tasks

  • Actively, self-reliantly and efficiently participate in party cell’s work.
  • The office’s trade union has various and practical activities and it is really a home to its members under the University of Languages and International Studies – VNU. 
  • The office’s task completion has been highly appreciated and in-time praised by the upper level.
  • The office has made a great contribution to the University’s art and sport activities.

  Innovation and research

  • 2017: Made regulations of compliment to students; regulations of evaluation for students’ training efforts (Circular 393 dated April 5th, 2017); formats of student affairs; regulations for students studying abroad; regulations for communication culture in offices (Circular 567 dated March 23rd, 2017).
  • 2018: Made handbooks for students QH.2018; procedures to handle work of the Office; regulations of considering and granting scholarships to students of the University of Languages and International Studies – VNU; collected documents of guidelines for student affairs; suggested renovation of internship and training supplementary skills for students.

  Titles of emulation and compliments

  • The office is often awarded Certificates of Merit by VNU.
  • The office has always been given the title “Collective of Excellent Emulation” by President of VNU since the school year 2004-2005 up to now.
  • 2005: Awarded Labor Medal Grade 3
  • 2006: Awarded Commemoration Medal “For the development of VNU”.
  • Awarded Certificates of Merit by President of VNU in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017.