2017 Francophonie day and the 55th ceremony of Faculty of French Language and Culture

On March 18th, 2017, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS-VNU) held the Francophonie day and the 55th ceremony of the Faculty of French Language and Culture (FFLC) at Vu Dinh Lien Amphitheater, the Compound of French faculty.
Attending the ceremony from Agencies of Foreign Affairs, there were Armenian Ambassador in Vietnam; Belgian Ambassador in Vietnam, GADIF’s President; Bulgarian Ambassador in Vietnam; Canadian Ambassador in Vietnam; Egyptian Ambassador in Vietnam; French Ambassador in Vietnam; Greek Ambassador in Vietnam; Haitian Ambassador in Vietnam; Laotian Ambassador in Vietnam; Moroccan Ambassador in Vietnam; Monaco Consul in Vietnam; Qatari Ambassador in Vietnam; Switzer Ambassador in Vietnam; Rumanian Provisional delegate in Vietnam; Delegate of Vietnamese Foreign Affairs; Government Delegate of Francophone and Belgian Walloon; Austrian Ambassador in Vietnam; Hungarian Ambassador in Vietnam; Mexican Ambassador; Mozambican Ambassador; Pole Ambassador in Vietnam; Slovakian Ambassador in Vietnam; Czech Republic Ambassador in Vietnam; Thailand Ambassador in Vietnam; Ukrainian Ambassador in Vietnam; Uruguayan Ambassador in Vietnam; Korean Ambassador in Vietnam; Argentinean Ambassador in Vietnam.
There were also Director of Asia-Pacific Office of International Organization of La Francophone; Director of Asia- Pacific region of Agency University La Francophonie; Leaders of VNU.
On behalf of ULIS, there were Dr. Do Tuan Minh- ULIS’s President, Assoc. Prof. Ngo Minh Thuy- ULIS’s Vice President, leaders, staff and students of ULIS. In addition, the ceremony also received the presence of leaders, staff and students of government agencies, schools and partners of the ULIS.

Beginning the celebration and ceremony were the performances of home and foreign students as well as singers, which created a lively atmosphere.
President Minh delivered a speech in French to the delegates and guests. He claimed that the blend of “Cultural Colors” in the Francophonie day was one of the traditional features of FFLC. From 2017 on, the ceremony would become an annual event organized by ULIS-VNU.
He expressed his belief in the teaching staff as well as the students of FFLC to build upon the long-established tradition in the last 55 years to take the lead in French teaching and research not only in ULIS but also in Vietnam and the region.

Representing Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Thiep – Director General of Essential Department had a speech to welcome the 2017 Francophonie day. As a French learner, he was delighted to perceive the gradual development of French in Vietnam, contributing to the thriving of finance as well as strengthening the bond among Vietnam and Francophonie community.
On behalf of Mrs. Michaëlle Jean- General secretary of International Organization of La Francophonie, Mr. Eric-Normand Thibeault, Director of Asia- Pacific Office of International Organization of La Francophonie, conveyed a message of friendship and solidarity with Vietnamese people in the context that the country is trying to develop society and security for the young.
In 2016, the BAP-AUF and the ULIS co- operated to foster the relationship with a variety of practical activities. He also encouraged participants to write for Le Courrier du Vietnam newspaper and attend the workshop “Strengthen the cooperation and solidarity for peace and society development” in this November. The event would be co- operated with VNU, Volunteer International French and Francophone film celebration 10th.

In the Francophonie day with the topic “I adore and I share”, Mr. Eric- Normand Thibeault and Mrs. Michaëlle Jean expressed deep gratitude towards ULIS in terms of the development of French in Vietnam.

President of GADIF – The Belgian Ambassador, Mr.Roccas Jehanne appreciated the effort of ULIS in French teaching. He expected the university would devote extra effort in French and believe in the sustainable development of the University and the French Faculty.

Attending the event, Mr. Lortholary Bertrand – The French ambassador, gave a warm welcome to the Francophonie day. He suggested all the Francophonie Community, specifically diplomatic agencies in Vietnam would support for French training activities in Vietnam

On behalf of former students, Mr. Vu Hai – Deputy general manager of Voice of Vietnam recalled the memories and expressed special feelings towards the FFLC and as well as ULIS. He always appreciated the time he studied here and expected the university to nurture more talented French generation in the future.

As a representative of the FFLC, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Dinh Hong Van extended his special thanks to all the guests, professors and alumni for their attendance. He also showed the appreciation for all agencies of foreign affairs, universities, enterprises and partners for their credence and support. The Francophonie day was a great event to the faculty and the university. Therefore, the staff of the faculty would continue to organize this event more and more successfully in the future, which may contribute to the development and popularity of French in Vietnam. The event closed with the taking photos part to commemorative.
There were other activities in French faculty’s campus apart from the ceremony. Guests could visit the exhibition “Francophonie Community, landscapes and people”, played Francophonie folk games, enjoyed cuisines from many cultures and joined in the Exchange program between professors of and the students of Faculty of French language and culture– in terms of cultural activities- with other universities. Young chef Huynh Khanh Ly – the winner of French Master Chef 2015 also attended the celebration and guided some students how to make French fried bread in culinary space.