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French counselor Étienne Rolland-Piègue met with ULIS’s students

On November 15th, 2018, Etienne Rolland-Piègue, Counselor for Cultural Cooperation and Activities of the French Embassy in Vietnam, visited ULIS-VNU and had a talk with Students from different faculties. On the subject of Asian cultures, he talked directly with students in French, Japanese, Korean and

Study Tour at ULIS,VNU: Discover Vietnam

ULIS is originally known as the School of Foreign Languages, founded in 1955 at Vietnam Boarding School, presently located in Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. After five decades of operation and development, ULIS has been recognized as the national leading center of foreign language teacher

Holding a meeting with President of Saga University Miyazaki Kohji

Since the cooperative relationship between the two universities was established in 2007, 10 years on, the two universities have built a strong development in many aspects and is expected to strengthen, especially in faculty exchange, transition training, organizing seminars and conferences, and research exchange, etc. On