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Administration training for ULIS’s staff in Japan, 2018.

In implementing the plan of staff training on university administration, from November 21th – 29th, 2018, ULIS – VNU organized a study tour to Japan for ULIS’s staff. This is the third study tour held in the last two years and the second trip to

English Olympiad for English major students – the final showdown

The People’s Police Academy’s team won the grand prize. The first prize went for the University of International language and Studies – Da Nang University, the second prize went for the People’s Security Academy, the two third prizes went for Military Academy of Science and

ULIS won the runner-up

VNU CUP is an annual football tournament organized by VNU, aiming to create a healthy and useful playground among students and units of VNU. In this year tournament, ULIS team (also known as S.H.U) won the runner-up after losing to UET on the penalty shootout

How to write a review

How to write a review by Dương Lê Đức Minh (Faculty of Linguitics and Cultures of English-Speaking Countries) I/ A review needs to present an insightful argument:             Writing a review, similar to many other forms of academic writings, requires you to logically structure and