Ceremony of presenting the Certificate of Vietnamese Language Training Course to international security and police officers

On December 20th, 2016, ULIS-VNU held the ceremony of presenting the certificate of Vietnamese language to international security and police officers.

Regarding ULIS, the ceremony was attended by Dr. Do Tuan Minh – President, Dr. Pham Van Ngoc, Vice-President and the representatives from offices, faculties, and centers together with teachers of the course. Regarding diplomatic organs, the ceremony welcomed the presence of Lieutenant Colonel Le Duc Tuyen – Deputy Director General of External Relations Department, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and representatives from the Embassy of China, the Embassy of Japan, and the Embassy of Cambodia. In particular, the ceremony was attended by 9 students of this course.
ULIS was authorized by Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam to hold the training course of Vietnamese language for international security and police officers from June 20th to December 20th, 2016 with 9 students from Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea and Laos. The course was divided into three classes, equivalent to 3 levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. With a total duration of 600 hours, students learned 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Making a speech at the ceremony, on behalf of the Board of Management, Mr. Minh extended his thanks to External Relations Department and Ministry of Public Security for entrusting ULIS with the task of teaching Vietnamese for these students and also thanked the teachers for their enthusiasm during the course. He also sent the congratulations to the students on completing this course.

“As far as I’m concerned, many students have traveled throughout Vietnam not only to see beautiful landscapes but also to live with the Vietnamese. In addition, many of them have made significant progress: from do not have a good command of both spoken and written Vietnamese to be completely confident to use this language in study and at work. “The mind of students and teachers must definitely be occupied with unforgettable experiences during this course”, said Mr. Minh.
Sharing his thought in this special ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Le Duc Tuyen extended his great thanks to ULIS for offering students the most favorable conditions to complete this course. Although the course duration is just 6 weeks, he believed that it gave them precious experiences apart from the knowledge of Vietnamese language. He also expected the students to keep essaying to become the bridge between Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and one of other countries as well as build up closer friendliness among countries.

Afterwards, certificates were presented to the students. Dr. Hoa Ngoc Son – Director of Center for International Education read the report on the course completion. On behalf of the university’s leaders, Mr. Minh presented certificates to the students.
The ceremony continued with the speeches of 9 students after 6 months learning in Vietnam. On behalf of all the students, Liu Ying Sang sent sincere thanks to the teachers, the university and the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam for their enthusiastic support, which brought a joyful and meaningful period of time to them. The students also promised to keep making efforts in study to come up to the expectations of the teachers and hoped to have chances to come back to ULIS for further training.
The ceremony ended with the performance “Vietnam- my country” by all the students of this course. After the course, eight students will return to their countries while one Korean student will stay at ULIS for further training in Vietnamese language.