Ms. Cecilia Piccioni, the Ambassador of the Embassy of Italy visited and worked at University of Languages and International Studies

On October 11th 2017, University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS – VNU) welcomed and worked with Ms. Cecilia Piccioni – Italian extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador in Vietnam.

From ULIS, there were Dr. Do Tuan Minh – ULIS’s President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Minh Thuy – ULIS’s Vice President, Dr. Do Minh Hoang – Director of Cooperation and Development Office, M.A. Mai Van Hoa – Deputy Director of Cooperation and Development Office, M.A. Nguyen Viet Hung – Director of Academic Affair Office. From the Embassy of Italy, there were Mr. Nicolo’ Costantini – The first secretary, Counselor of Politics and Culture; Ms. Maria Benimeo – Counselor of Culture and Education.

In the meeting, President Minh extended his best regards to Ms. Cecilia Piccioni and the delegation of the Embassy of Italy for visiting ULIS. He was glad to say that the University had developed dramatically in many aspects for more than 60 years and acclaimed the idea of developing Italian language at ULIS. The President, therefore, hoped that both sides would discuss this issue thoroughly to make it come true.

Ms. Cecilia Piccioni also spoke highly of the reputation of ULIS and affirmed that ULIS was the most promising university for training Italian language teachers in Vietnam. She said that the Embassy and Government of Italy desired to create the best condition to support the training and development of Italian language in Vietnam.

Also at the meeting, representatives from the two sides discussed cooperative activities in the future, such as organizing classes to teach Italian language, cooperation and development activities, student exchange program, Vietnamese culture introduction, lectures and activities welcoming the 45th anniversary of the cooperation relations between Vietnam and Italy in 2018.

The meeting with the delegation of the Embassy of Italy successfully ended and opened new cooperation opportunities and potentials of training Italian language at ULIS.