Seminar on ‘Research trends in foreign language teaching and learning in the new era and ULIS science and technology orientation in the period of 2019-2025’

On May 9th, 2019, ULIS – VNU held a seminar on ‘Research trends on foreign language teaching and learning in the new era and ULIS science and technology orientation in the period of 2019 – 2025’ on the occasion of Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18th, 2019).

The seminar was attended by Vice President Lam Quang Dong; leaders and specialists of the Science and Technology Office; speakers; staff, lecturers, master and PhD students who are interested in the area.

At the seminar, Vice President Lam Quang Dong presented the paper ‘Assessing the implementation of the development strategy for science and technology of ULIS – VNU to 2020.’

The Vice President also mentioned the 10 major tasks of the University in the period 2020-2025 so that ULIS researchers would have ideas to register topics. The 10 major tasks include:

1. Contribute to developing a stable foreign language strategy for Vietnam.

2. Develop and transfer effective foreign language training models to serve the specific needs of different types of learner.

3. Study specific language characteristics and / or typical language types in accordance with different occupations, and develop a foreign language competence framework based on job position and / or specific occupations, and related assessment tools and criteria

4. Innovate the model of training and fostering foreign language teachers at all levels

5. Develop foreign language teaching and learning materials for a number of specific learners, especially high school students, supporting new textbooks and training programs.

6. Develop intercultural communication skills for foreign language learners and related subjects.

7. Standardize foreign language assessment, study theory and practice of foreign language assessment.

8. Develop academic groups / communities.

9. Develop translation reasoning and translation assessment.

10. Apply technology in the era of 4.0 in teaching and learning foreign languages.

At the seminars, 3 other papers were also presented.

Director of the Academic Affairs Office Ha Le Kim Anh presented the paper ‘Bringing scientific research products to address the needs of foreign language education in Vietnam.’

Dean of Faculty of English Vu Thi Thanh Nha presented the ‘Transformation in teaching methods combining specialized content and languages.’

Deputy Director of Center for Language Testing and Assessment Tran Thi Thu Hien presented the paper ‘Locating ULIS – VNU in the “map” of foreign language testing research in Asia.’

At the seminar, Vice President Lam Quang Dong also answered many questions related to scientific research, topic registration, research methods, planning and so forth. Totally, 30 individuals signed up to attend the seminar.