ULIS Successfully organized international scientific seminar: Higher Education in France and Francophone in the context of globalization – Asia- Pacific vision

On the 11th of November, 2016, the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi, (ULIS-VNU) in cooperation with the International Francophone Institute (IFI) held 2016 international scientific conference with the theme “Higher Education in France and Francophone in the context of globalization: Asia Pacific Vision “.
The ceremony was attended by Mr. Michel Mouyssinat – First Director of IFI, Mr. Patrick Boiron – President of USTH, the representatives from the Embassy of Canada, VNU, ULIS, Francophone Association, the International Francophone Institute with French language experts, researchers and lecturers from various units inside and outside Vietnam.
Addressing at the seminar, Mr. Le Quan – Deputy Director of VNU expected that the conference would be a bridge for the French language experts and a place to share highly applicable opinions about higher education in France and Francophonie in the context of globalization: Asia Pacific Vision. Like many other international seminars organised by ULIS, he surely believed that this event would be a success.

Mr Michel Mouyssinat extended his thanks to ULIS for organizing this important seminar. He asserted that in the context of the current globalization, higher education in France and the French language should also adopt renovation to improving the quality of training, attracting students, adapting to the needs of the times. Therefore, this seminar is really necessary.
In the framework of the program, participants have presented numerous reports on topics such as “The university administration model: Tertiary training and the market in the context of globalization”, “Higher Education and teaching language issues” and “Higher Education in France and Francophone: Asia – Pacific Prospects “.

Altogether, more than 15 reports were presented with valuable ideas. By persuasive arguments and vivid demonstrations, the domestic and foreign delegates expressed their views and visions on the issue of higher education in France and Francophone.
After the conclusion, the 2016 international scientific conference on the theme “Higher education in France and Francophone in the context of globalization: Asia-Pacific Vision ” officially closed with the promising development of Francophone community in the future.