Assets Management & Security Office – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Assets Management & Security Office

  • Room 210, 212 – Block A4  
  • Room 201B, 203 – Block B3 
Dr. Pham Van Kim
MCs. Pham Đinh Luong
Director Deputy Director

The Assets Mangement & Security Office has the function of providing the President with consultancy on using & managing assets, renovating infrastructure, upgrading facilities & equipment for activities of teaching, learning and researching, assuring security, order, social safety against crime, for prevention of regulation violation, fire and natural disaster control in the University.

  Managing infrastructure, facilities, equipment

  • Manage all the university’s infrastructure including properties, technical facilities and public construction architecture.
  • Make annual plans for upgrading and completing the university’s infrastructure such as basic construction, procurement of facilities, renovation of roads, interior furniture and equipment for classrooms, offices as well as assurance of water and electricity supply in the university.
  • Make profiles of investment in basic construction, renovation of facilities and equipment then submit these profiles to the President for approval.
  • Supervise the construction, renovation and installment of facilities & equipment.
  • Check and take over the construction projects after their completion, then transfer and put them into use. 
  • Receive, manage the university’s investment projects from different sources.

  Manage the use of equipment, assurance of water and electricity supply

  • Manage, examine, supervise the use of equipment for training and other service activities in the university.
  • Provide instructions of technical use for staff members, teachers and students. Join with other units in relevant activities of using technical equipment.
  • Manage the use of classrooms. Make efficient use of facilities for teaching, learning and scientific research.
  • Regularly and periodically manage, operate, maintain, repair the system of facilities.
  • Examine, supervise the practice of economy in using properties, water electricity in the university.

  Lecture halls, classrooms and environment

  • Organize service activities in terms of infrastructure. Coordinate with training units and the Academic Affairs Office in properly and efficiently using lecture halls and classrooms.
  • Do service for teaching – learning activities according to time-tables and other work on plans which are approved by the Governing Board.
  • Manage, implement and regularly supervise the protection of environment on the slogan: “Green, clean and beautiful”.

  Protect the properties, prevent explosion & fire, control floods and storms

  • Coordinate with the local Public Security Agency to master the situation of security and order in the area. Suggest to the President plans and measures to prevent crime and assure security, order and social safety.
  • Implement professional measures in accordance with the law and protection instructions of Hanoi Public Security Department to detect crime and prevent violation of regulations in the university. Simultaneously submit to the President measures to deal with the situation when necessary.
  • Implement patrol work, assure security and order in the university. Organize duty enforcement in case of need or emergency when requested by the upper level.
  • Make plans to implement and examine regulations for fire prevention and flood control in the university..
  • Liase with other units to carry out procurement of facilities for teaching, learning, scientific research and other public activities. 
  • Liase with other units to implement regulations of the local Military Agency on building up and managing the militia for self protection and preparatory armed force. Coordinate with local functional units to prevent explosion & fire and control floods & storms in the university.

  Other duties

  • Design contracts, manage hire – work and other services relevant to the office’s functions and duties.
  • Coordinate with the Finance & Planning Office and other units to do asset liquidation after use or repair.
  • Examine, supervise and inspect sanitation work in the whole university. 
  • Liase with other units to instruct, supervise them to implement relevant standards of quality control.

  Implement other tasks assigned by the President

  • Carried out the project “ Developing the Foregn Language Specialized School”.
  • Implemented the project “ Improving facilities for evaluating capacity of ULIS – VNU”.
  • Implemented the renovation of toilets in Block A2 – ULIS.
  • Completed the installment of Air conditioning system  in all classrooms in ULIS.