Center for Quality Assurance – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Center for Quality Assurance

Room 403, 404 – Block A1 – ULIS – VNU
MA. Nguyen Ninh Bac
Dr. Le Thi Huyen Trang
Director Director

The Quality Assurance Center has the function of coordinating and liaising with other units to implement quality assurance activities; researching and applying research results in quality assurance; advising and assisting the President on quality assurance, and developing a quality culture at ULIS – VNU.

  • Develop policies, regulatory documents and guidelines on quality assurance, quality accreditation of education;
  • Develop and implement the University’s quality assurance strategy, performing self-assessment of educational institutions, organizing self-assessment of training programs and activities of higher education quality accreditation;
  • Build the internal quality assurance information system; propose a quality improvement plan after self-assessment and external assessment; guide, monitor and inspect the implementation of quality assurance conditions, improve quality in units in the university;
  • Manage and supervise the operation of the University’s quality assurance network at the units; coordinate with other units to periodically collect feedbacks from stakeholders to process, analyze, compare, and detect strengths and weaknesses of the units;
  • Organize training activities to improve the capacity of quality assurance for staff of the university; propose to the Governing Board to appoint auditors to participate in the work of educational quality accreditation according to the quality accreditation standards of the Ministry of Education and Training;
  • Build and develop a quality culture in the University; manage and use the school’s database on quality assurance; make statistics and report on the results of quality assurance work according to current regulations;
  • Research prestigious national and international university rankings; act as the focal point for implementing activities to meet the conditions for participating in university ranking;
  • Coordinate with the Cooperation and Development Office to build and expand cooperation relationships with domestic and international quality assurance organizations;
  • Perform other duties assigned by the President.

  Scientific research

  • Completed more than 20 projects at different levels (ULIS, VNU, MOET).
  • Writing reference books, specialized reference books and book sections.
  • Published nearly 100 articles in the Internal Foreign Language Magazine, Yearbook, Scientific Magazine of ULIS – VNU, International Scientific Magazine.
  • Besides, the center’s staff members have many articles at domestic and foreign conferences and seminars.


  • Participated in teaching English, Russian, French at undergraduate and post graduate levels, organized seminars and workshops on teaching methods, testing/assessment at several universities.
  • Supervised, evaluated many undergraduate and post-graduate graduation theses in English, Russian, French and Chinese.
  • Participated in compiling programs and teaching Chinese on TV.
  • Participated in teaching full-time students of VNU, students of English training programs under the strategic duties of VNU and learners of different training systems of VNU.
  • Participated in teaching the International Partnership program with Southern New Hampshire University.
  • Participated in teaching post-graduate students of VNU’s member universities and courses of professional development for teachers in the framework of 2020 Project.

Tasks for educational quality assurance (from 2008 to 2016)

  • Opened quality assurance website of the university in December/2009, updating information of quality assurance of ULIS, VNU and MOET.
  • Contributed to increasing the awareness of key staff members, teachers and officers of the functional units in the university through activities of self evaluation, training programs for high school teachers, undergraduate teachers in English, Chinese, Russian, French and mid-term evaluation of training units.
  • Deployed self-evaluation for B.A training programs, fast-track B.A programs, M.A of other different majors in the university.
  • Constructed and deployed the project to get feedback from learners on teaching activities of lecturers in the full-time training programs of ULIS – VNU. Got annual feedback from learners from 2010 up to now.