Center for Resource Development – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Center for Resource Development

Room 102 – Block A4 and Sunwah Building – ULIS -VNU
097 493 6666
  MA. Nguyen Van Son
  • Consult the President on management of using the university’s assets.
  • Liaise with other units to provide the President with information how to use the university’s infrastructure in operation, how to complete the university’s political tasks, aiming to optimize the use of the university’s assets, increasing additional income and reinvesting resource of infrastructure.
  • Check again all the contracts of using the university’s assets which are in effect.
  • Inform and work with contracted units and individuals who are going to terminate or have terminated their contracts.
  • Implement dissemination, communication on the university’s infrastructure, banners and standees at some areas on campus.
  • Complete tasks of management of parking areas and the veranda of the French compound.
  • Maintain tasks for food sanitation and safety at the university’s canteen for staff members.
  • Maintain activities at the assigned areas: the canteen on the seventh floor of block A1, the sport complex compound and the building Sunwah of ULIS.
  • Increase the use of classrooms at lecture halls.
  • Coordinate with the Assets Management and Security Office in arranging and using lecture halls and classrooms.
  • Coordinate with the Personnel Organization Office and other functional units to construct regulations on managing and using the university’s infrastructure.
  • Continue checking and adding new items of infrastructure in use.
  • Well-fulfill all the assigned tasks.
  • Successfully organize many events for many units inside and outside the university.
  • Efficiently lease some areas of the university.
  • Successfully organize specialized training courses and classes for English improvement for children.
  • Efficiently implement tasks of job consultancy and introduction.