Department of Arabic Language and Culture – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Department of Arabic Language and Culture

 5th Floor – Block A1 – ULIS – VNU
024. 62537731 / 096.289.0712
MA. Le Thi Khuyen MA. Pham Thi Thuy Van
Head Deputy Head
In charge of general management, academic affairs, personel organization, scientific research, testing In charge of students’ affairs, cooperation & development, communication


As an established member of the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS-VNU), and staffed by young, energetic, creative and dedicated lecturers who all hold an M.A degree or higher, the Department of Arabic Language and Culture takes pride in being the sole provider of the Bachelor program in Arabic language and culture in the country to date.

The Department of Arabic Language and Culture is a specialized unit with the functions of training Arabic language at undergraduate level; teaching Arabic is a second language for students of the University; meeting social needs and conducting scientific research on foreign language education, linguistics and international studies.

  • Managing lecturers, employees and learners of the Division as assigned by ULIS President.
  • Planning and organizing the implementation of scientific, technological activities and international cooperation; cooperating with scientific and technological organizations, businesses and other organizations related to the training industry; calling on the participation of enterprises in the training process of the Division.
  • Developing plans for the development of teaching staff, training disciplines, and facilities for training activities and scientific research; enhancing conditions for quality assurance so as to meet the social demands and international integration.
  • Developing plans and organizing the implementation of political education, ideology, morals and lifestyles for lecturers, employees and learners; developing plans on training and fostering the professional qualifications for lecturers and other employees of the Division.
  • Planning and organizing the implementation of education and training activities in accordance with the key plan of the University, including: developing training programs and specialized majors; organizing the elaboration of detailed syllabus on relevant subjects in order to ensure the uniformity and avoid overlapping between subjects of training programs or between training levels; organizing the development of training programs, elaborating schemes, compiling documents and syllabi according to the University’s development orientations; implementing research on improving teaching and learning methods; developing and implementing methods of examining and evaluating students’ learning outcomes, ensuring the learners’ learning outcomes to meet the demand of the labor market. The development of training programs, curriculums, and teaching materials must comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, VNU and ULIS.
  • Organizing the assessment of managers, lecturers and researchers of the Division and taking part in assessing managers of the whole University according to the University’s regulations.
  • Participating in developing and forming postgraduate training programs.
  • Managing facilities and equipment of the Division.
  • Performing accreditation and assessment of relevant training programs.
  • Coordinating with other departments to handle related tasks.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by ULIS President.
  • Since its establishment, the Department has acquired the title of Advanced and Excellent Labor Collaboration of ULIS ​​- VNU.
  • Received Certificate of Merit from VNU.
  • The rate of Arabic graduates always reaches 100%.
  • A lot of Alumni are currently working at leading agencies, such as Embassies, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Party Central Committee, Ministry of Public Security, Interpol, Vietnam Airlines, Emirate Airlines, etc.
  • Students of the Department are regularly granted scholarships by a number of Arabic countries’ embassies in Vietnam.

History and milestones:

  • 1996: First BA Arabic language course was offered
  • 1996 – 2011: The Department was affiliated to the Faculty of Russian Language and Culture
  • 2011 – 2016: The Department was affiliated to the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures
  • 2016: The Department became an independent department directly under University of Languages and International Studies, VNU and renamed as “Department of Arabic Language and Culture’
  • So far the Department has successfully organized 09 bachelor training courses, namely K30, K37, K41, K44, K46, K48, K50, K51 and K52.
  • The Department previously enrolled students for its major every 3 or even 4 years, which is unlike other majors offering at ULIS. Therefore, the number of faculty members of the Department is limited and each teacher is in charge of a range of subjects. Despite a lot of difficulties, teachers at the Department have worked hard to complete the task with the help of Egyptian government, other Arab embassies and ULIS Governing Board. Every year, the Department is very grateful to receive support of Egyptian teachers who not only deliver lecturers but also help the local teachers intellectually and academically.
  • In 2011, The Department was affiliated to the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures which resulted many achievements. As an independent unit of ULIS, the Department of Arabic Language and Culture involves 10 Vietnamese teachers and one Arab teacher. In 2012, the enrollment was made every two years.
  • In the 2017-2018 academic year, the University started enrolling students for Arabic language annually, thus increasing the number of Arabic learners.

Cooperation and scholarships:

  • Since the 2017-2018 academic year, Qatar Embassy has offered numerous scholarships for underprivileged Arabic-majored students who perform well academically. This is a great support for students studying at the Department.
  • The Department of Arabic Language and Culture has good relations with Arabic embassies in Vietnam, and it has received a number of scholarships from Arab governments. Many students have opportunities to obtain one-year-scholarship to study Arabic language in Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and 2-month-scholarship to study in Oman.
  • Moreover, Arabic embassies provide the Department with books, references materials; offer students internship opportunities at the embassies and invite them to embassies’ events, which offer students chances to practice Arabic and have a better understanding of Arabic culture.