Inspection & Legal Affairs Office – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Inspection & Legal Affairs Office

Room 501, 511 – Block A1 – ULIS -VNU
024 66804562
  MSc. Nguyen Thanh Cong

The Inspection & Legal Affairs Office has the function of providing the President with consultancy and support on the implementation of Inspection & Legal Affairs under the President’s management to assure legal implementation, realization of the university’s missions; protection of the State’s benefits, rights and legal benefits of all units and individuals in the university.

  General duties of inspection work

  • Inspect the implementation of education policies and rules.
  • Inspect the implementation of objectives, plans, programs, contents, education methods, training regulations, exam regulations, awarding certificates, degrees; regulations of teaching documents, lesson plans; as well as the management of finance, properties, science & technology, personnel organization and other necessary conditions to assure education quality.
  • Manage public reception work; solve complaints and denouncements relevant to education in accordance with the law.
  • Prevent from and struggle against corruption in education in accordance with anti – corruption law.
  • Report, summarize experiential practice on inspection work; propose measures to assure legal implementation of education; suggest amendments of education regulations.

♦  Specific duties of inspection work

  • Organize implementation of assigned duties in accordance with the law and regulations of VNU and ULIS.
  • Host or coordinate with other units to carry out inspection work, supervise the overall implementation of State law as well as targets in the academic year and assigned responsibilities of all units and individuals in the university.
  • Examine, supervise the management and implementation of working disciplines in lecture halls and functional units.
  • Inspect, examine and supervise legal implementation of training systems, awarding certificates and degrees.
  • Inspect, supervise, examine all recruitment and graduation exams in all training systems
  • Ask the upper level to make amendments, deregulate or promulgate new regulations which are suitable with the law and practice of management, administration of the university.
  • Study the documents on the inspection work to synchronize with the system of the documents in the university in order to maximize the efficiency of the leadership.
  • Consider, investigate, verify, conclude or propose to the upper level measures to solve complaints, denouncements in accordance with the law and instructions of VNU.
  • Provide two-way information of the results of inspection, supervision for units and individuals in accordance with regulations.
  • Submit reports periodically and in emergency in accordance with regulations and instructions of the upper level.

  Duties of legal affairs

  • Provide the President with consultancy and support to deal with legal affairs. Support individuals and units in the university to be aware of and implement their legal rights and obligations. 
  • Check, examine, handle documents, rules, regulations and give ideas on them before, during and after promulgation.
  • Host or coordinate with other units to disseminate, educate and implement legal documents and relevant regulations for staff members, students in order to raise their awareness of legal implementation in the university.
  • Properly provide information and reports in accordance with regulations.

♦ The Head of the Inspection and Legal Affairs Office is entitled to sign a number of papers as authorized by the President

Do other tasks assigned by the President

Well fulfill the inspection work and legal affairs.