ULIS signed the cooperation agreement with PREFASSE

On December 5th , 2016, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between ULIS – VNU and the Association ‘Due to the development of French education in Asian countries’ (PREFASSE) was held.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Do Minh Hoang – Director of Cooperation and Development Office, M.A Mai Van Hoa – Vice-Director of Cooperation and Development Office, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Hong Van – Dean of Faculty of French Language and Culture. Particularly, there was the presence of Ms. Régine Hausermann – President of PREFASSE.
To begin the ceremony, Mr. Hoang extended his profound thanks to PREFASSE Association in general and Ms. Régine Hausermann in particular. As the President of the Association with a great love for Vietnam, she has made a considerable contribitution to the development of French at ULIS and in Vietnam as well.

Ms. Régine Hausermann also thanked ULIS for always giving her the most favorable conditions when she worked at the university. Her mind was occupied with many unforgettable memories during this period of time. She was pleased to do useful things in Vietnam.
Ms. Régine Hausermann affirmed that she would continue helping ULIS further French training and research, contributing to the reinforcement of Vietnam- France friendship.

After that, the representatives of the two sides signed the cooperation agreement on French training and research, especially on student and lecturer exchange, scholarships, learning resources and competitions, etc.
At the end of the ceremony, both ULIS and PREFASSE Association expressed their strong belief in the success of the cooperation.