ULIS Psychology Center – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

ULIS Psychology Center

Room 400 – Block B2 – ULIS -VNU
  Dr. Nguyen Thi Thang  
  • The UP Center has the function of organizing and implementing activities to help staff, teachers, and students to know how to improve their own mental health; have the ability to identify and know how to cope with stress, difficulties in learning and in life; developing skills to help students orient and develop themselves; counseling for students’ career orientation & professional development; supporting and intervening with students who have psychological disorders; and raising awareness of teachers about psychological and educational issues in educational environment.
  • The Center deals with financial issues and other financial relationships in accordance with the State’s financial regulations and the University’s internal spending regulations.
  • Closely coordinate with other departments at the University in order to organize activities to effectively serve its students, teachers and lecturers.
  • Organize communication in various forms of events and activities of the Center to attract the participation and support of teachers, students and organizations;
  • Organize sharing sessions on topics of mental health, learning methods, career guidance, career choice, love and relationships with the opposite gender…;
  • Consult skills, effective learning methods and career orientation;
  • Organize seminars on issues of psychological disturbance and stress;
  • Counsel to strengthen the ability to cope with and solve problems arising in families, teachers, friends and other social relationships;
  • Counsel on age psychology, sex education; reproductive health, safe and healthy sex;
  • Organize training courses to develop foundation skills and career skills for students;
  • Organize training courses to improve pedagogical capacity and consulting capacity for teachers;
  • Build up a professional support network of the Department in diagnosis and psychotherapy;…