Student Support Center – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Student Support Center

Room 109 – Block A2 – ULIS -VNU

The Student Support Center has the function of advising, organizing and managing student support activities, as a focal point between employers, sponsors and students through joint activities, seeking funding, career counseling.

♦ Support learning and scientific research

  • Organize support activities, advise students in studying and scientific research.
  • Coordinate with other units in and outside the University to organize seminars, workshops and conferences for students.
  • Look for other funding sources (in addition to funding from organizations and individuals who directly contact the University) to support students’ life, study and scientific research.

♦ Career orientation, advice, job introduction and recruitment

  • Be a contact center for non-university units in supporting students. Introduce jobs for students, find placements that are suitable for students’ learning conditions and time.
  • Organize counseling sessions, job introduction for students; organize exchanges between students and employers.
  • Organize various workshops and activities to provide complementary skills and career skills for students; issue certification of participation / completion of related activities / programs for students.
  • Organize practical tours at businesses to help students reinforce the knowledge they have learned and gain practical experiences.

♦ Health, mental health, extracurricular, cultural and sports activities

  • Organize activities to support students who are struggling in learning and living.
  • Organize topics on life skills, physiological, love, communication, gender health, etc.
  • Organize or coordinate with other units to hold sightseeing and extracurricular activities for students.

♦ Service activities

  • Coordinate with a number of units and businesses to sell products according to students’ needs, such as organizing product introduction booths of the University and enterprises.
  • Organize job introduction activities.

♦ Perform other tasks assigned by the President.

  • The center becomes a focal point to receive recruitment information and inform students through website, fanpage, message board, sending notices to students. 
  • Promoted internship model for domestic and foreign students: completed the process of organizing internship activities abroad; successfully organized 02 intership groups to Japan; propaganda about overseas internships to students; coordinate with partners in preparing internship activities for students in Taiwan; organized  placement for 36 students of the Faculty of Chinese Language & Culture at Regina Hai Phong Company from June 1st – July 31st, 2018.
  • Organized Job Fairs which was held on April 1st, 2017. It attracted 39 businesses and offered nearly 3000 consultations – interviews between businesses and students. Besides, from February 5th, 2017, the Center organized 07 seminars to provide chances for businesses and employers to meet students.
  • Organized career-oriented counseling, start-up: “Which way for foreign language students” (February 17th, 2018).
  • Coordinated with functional units and alumni to make statistics of employment of ULIS students.
  • Organized a friendly football match between V-stars football team and the ULIS team to raise scholarships for 15 underprivileged students with excellent academic achievements with a total value of scholarships up to VND 52 million.
  • Organized 02 summer swimming classes, enhancing basic life skills for students.
  • Organized job introduction and employment for students: introduced 04 students teaching at Vietnam Australia International School, 278 students to volunteer for World Scholar Cup program, etc.