3D – Double degrees, double stress, double opportunities

HANOI – Escaping the pressure of studing is impossible for students with a double degree in ULIS when they want to achieve their goal of graduating on time.

“Extremely busy” is the keyword to describe the life of a double degree student. They have to study almost twofold university credits in the dual degree training program and take as little as 5 years to graduate.

Besides, double deadline is the double – degree students obsession. Instead of spending the weekend to go out or do the things they love, double – degree students often have to go to school or do homework to not miss the deadlines.

Double – degree students have a lot diffirent trouble, one of the typical ones is the styding time balance between two university. On reality, the time to register subjects or test for each university is different, so students are squirming and stress to sort timetable because of the

Students also face the problem of moving between the two universities, for some schools that are not on VNU’s campus. :” I have to travel nearly 10 km from Thanh Xuan to Cau Giay every day to study.” (Doan Thi Ngoc Linh – student at Hanoi University of Science).

Pressure also comes from peers. While some full-time students have graduated and found employment, double – degree students still have to continue to complete their studies.

With the unremitting efforts of the double degree students, they have more job opportunities. Some students said that they learn two degrees to increase career choices, find new directions for themselves and help them stay competitive in the labor market.

Moreover, double – degrees help students broaden their network. The more relationships, the more opportunities to develop themself. When double degree students take many different classes, they will connect with more people interested in different disciplines and from there have more learning experiences and understanding about different areas in life.

Studing double – degree in ULIS has more others benifits and Dr. Dao Thi Hong Nhung – lecturer in English Pedagogy of ULIS is one of the outsanding element prove the fact.

Dr. Dao Thi Hong Nhung – Double degrees alumnus

In the interview on 8/12 with CORE, Dr. Nhung shared: “I feel very happy and fortunate to be a double – degree student. The double degree was really the turning point that brought me to the success I am today.”.

Here are some great achievements that Dr. Nhung has achieved while studying with double degrees:

  • Graduated in Linguistics with excellent honors. valedictorian in the language class QH 2011 (University of Social Sciences and Humanities).
  • Graduated with Excellent English Language major (University of Language and International Studies) and now be a lecturer of ULIS.
  • First Prize in Swiss College of Hospitality Management Lenk English Essay Competition 2012; Second Prize in the speech contest “Linguistics English contest 2013”;….
Attending a double-degree program entails a great deal of difficulty and stress. Students face challenges not only in balancing study programs from two different majors but also in balancing their professional and private lives. Despite the fact that students face double the stress while studying, a double-degree program is thought to be a potential pathway for students in their future careers.