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As part of its legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its staff and students at school, ULIS had taken a lot of security measures and is still in the process of improving the security systems. Similar to many other schools and universities, ULIS faces


More than 45,000 international students come to Vietnam to study abroad because for them the reasons for this choice are not only reasonable prices, delicious food but also countless other values. International students in ULIS – VNU (source by Lee Hyun Jun)  According to released information by

3D – Double degrees, double stress, double opportunities

HANOI – Escaping the pressure of studing is impossible for students with a double degree in ULIS when they want to achieve their goal of graduating on time. “Extremely busy” is the keyword to describe the life of a double degree student. They have to

Light on U

For the first time, students can do assignments and sleep right in school, which is mostly only found in foreign universities. Overnight co-working space of ULIS at 10 PM (Source: The Hanoians) In order to meet the demand of students, many universities around the world have

“Knock” the reading culture in Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Vietnam National University (VNU) develops a strong reading culture among students by creating a wide diversity of “playing field of knowledge”. Books are an infinite source of information. Reading books allows people to absorb knowledge while also learning and cultivating more knowledge and nourishing their

ULIS pioneer in combining defense and physical education

(MirrorIt) – Being the first university to combine defense education and physical education, Ulis has taken students from surprise to delight. Combination for a holistic experience On August 28, 2019 University of Languages and International Studies officially launched a teaching project about the combination of