“Connecting Day 2023” for QH.2022 students in Hoa Lac – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

“Connecting Day 2023” for QH.2022 students in Hoa Lac

On April 20th, 2023, ULIS-VNU in collaboration with the Center for National Defense and Security Education, the Center for Physical Education and Sports held the Connecting Day 2023 for 1,560 ULIS students in Hoa Lac.

With the slogan “Study hard, Play hard, Connect with love”, the Day was organized with the wish that through extra-curricular activities associated with the learning contents of the QH.2022 students over the past 30 days in Hoa Lac, the spirit of solidarity, exchange, learning and health training of students could be promoted. More importantly, this was also a great opportunity to develop comradeship, connect teachers and students, and connect 3 units under VNU more and more closely.

After the Day, ULIS first-year students showed that after 30 days of study and practice in Hoa Lac, they have not only become more brave, more resilient, but also become warriors of manners, discipline, and strong brave steadfast leaders. The teachers also enthusiastically participated and mingled with the students through games and exchanges.