King Sejong Institute Vietnam Conference in 2020 held – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

King Sejong Institute Vietnam Conference in 2020 held

On November 17th –19th, 2020, ULIS-VNU in coordination with the Sejonghakdang Foundation (Korea) organized the King Sejong Institute Vietnam Conference in 2020.

The conference was organized to create opportunities for teachers and staff of King Sejong Institute throughout Vietnam to meet and interact as well as offer a place for them to socialize with other potential partners in Vietnam, thereby enhancing the Sejong Foundation’s position in Vietnam.

Delivering his speech at the opening ceremony, Mr. Park Noh-wan, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Vietnam commented that the depth and breadth of the exchange and cooperation relationship between the Republic of Korea and Vietnam lie in language comprehension and frank communication. Therefore, this event could be a good chance for citizens of the two countries to better understand each other’s culture and language.

On behalf of the Management Board of the National Foreign Languages Project – Ministry of Education and Training, Mr. Nguyen To Chung congratulated on the great achievements of Korean and Vietnamese language and culture education over the past years.

At the ceremony, President Do Tuan Minh shared about the ULIS efforts and achievements in Korean language training.

Since 2007, the King Sejong Foundation has officially operated in Vietnam through King Sejong Institutes across the country. With the efforts to bring Korean language and culture closer to the Vietnamese people, King Sejong academies have tried very hard and implemented many practical and effective activities.

King Sejong Vietnam Academy Conference 2020 focuses on mentioning and discussing many issues related to Korean language training in Vietnam in general and at King Sejong Academy in particular.

In particular, within the framework of the conference, a Korean speaking contest was also held for Korean-majored and non-majored students.