Foreign Language Specialized School – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Foreign Language Specialized School

No 2. Pham Van Dong Highway, Cau Giay, Ha Noi
(84-24) 3754 9958
Dr. Nguyen Phu Chien Dr. Lai Thi Phuong Thao
Principal Vice Principal
  • FLSS has the function of discovering and fostering gifted students to achieve excellent results in learning; training students with good foreign languages, fostering foreign language talents for the country. The School is responsible to deliver comprehensive education and fully implement comprehensive education plans and programs in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, VNU and ULIS.
  • Advising ULIS – VNU, leaders and education managers on high school education.
  • Teaching
    • The Foreign Language ​​Specialized School ​​is responsible for organizing, teaching and educating activities for students according to the Charter of junior high schools and high schools with many levels of education, regulations on organization, administration and operation of the Foreign Language Specialized School of the Ministry of Education & Training and the University.
    • Researching, applying appropriately and effectively educational management, teaching, testing and assessment methods; effectively organizing educational activities for students’ life values, life skills and social skills; creating conditions for students to research, create and apply knowledge to solve practical problems.
    • Pioneering in effectively implementing the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Department of Education and Training of Hanoi, Vietnam National University/ Hanoi and the University of Languages & International Studies on renovating and improving the quality of specialized high school education.
  • Teachers and staff
    • Developing the contingent of administrators, teachers and staff of the Foreign Language Specialized School in terms of quantity, appropriate structure, expertise and professional skills in using modern teaching equipment; capability of scientific research; constantly improving the quality of teaching and learning, approaching the level of advanced high schools in the world.
    • Coordinating with relevant units in organizing, training and fostering professional capacity, foreign language and computer skills of managers, teachers and employees to meet the objectives, missions of the Foreign Language Specialized School.
  • Finance & Facility management
    • The Foreign Language Specialized School ​​performs financial management, use and maintenance of facilities and equipment in accordance with regulations of the State, VNU and ULIS.
    • Formulating planning, development plans and increasing investment in facilities and teaching equipment of the school.
    • Coordinating with the Student Support Center – VNU in organizing and managing student boarding activities.
    • Coordinating with the Assets Management & Security Office and the Center for Resource Development to arrange and effectively use equipment, halls and classrooms to carry out assigned tasks.
    • Developing, managing and using effectively information systems and databases for management, education and assessment activities of the School.
  • Cooperation & Development
    • Closely cooperate with relevant faculties and functional departments under ULIS in training and scientific research.
    • Develop cooperation activities between FLSS with educational institutions, scientific research institutions and domestic and foreign individuals to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching and increase the prestige for the School.
    • Develop the alumni network to connect and support the educational activities of the University.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by ULIS President.
  • Collective achievements
    • Certificate of Merits from the Prime Minister in 2019;
    • Emulation Flag from the Ministry of Education and Training in 2019;
    • Emulation Flag from Hanoi National University in 2018;
    • Third – class Medal of Independence in 2014;
    • First – class Labor Order in 2004;
    • Second – class Labor Order in 1999;
    • Third – class Labor Order in 1994;
    • Certificate of Merits from Prime Minister in 2009;
    • Certificate of Merits from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor in 2008.
  • Teachers’ achievements
    • 4 teachers awarded with Merited teachers (Nguyễn Phú Cường, Nguyễn Minh Cầu, Nguyễn Thị Chi, Nguyễn Thị Hiền);
    • 6 teachers awarded with third – class Labor Order (Nguyễn Phú Cường, Trần Quốc Thụy, Lê Đỗ Minh, Nguyễn Thị Chi, Nguyễn Thị Hồng, Lê Thị Chính);
    • 12 teachers awarded with Certificate of Merits from the Prime Minister;
    • 8 teachers awarded with Certificate of Merits from the Minister of Education and Training;
    • 3 Certificates of Merits from Hanoi Federation of Labor;
    • Many teachers are awarded with “Resistance war against America and National Salvation” medals, “Achievement Awards for education”, “National emulation fighters” titles and “Exceptional teachers and workers at all levels”.
  • Students’ achievements
    • 5 Gold medals and 1 Bronze medal in International Russian Olympiad;
    • Runner-up in team, Second and Third prizes for individuals in the final round of “The Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition” in 2008 and 2017, Runner up amongst all participating teams;
    • 119 prizes in Northern Delta and Coastal Areas English Competition for 5 years of participation (2014-2018);
    • Many students awarded with Certificate of Merits from the Minister of Education and Training;
    • 5 students receive high prizes at “Poinsettia” competition in 2008 and 2009;
    • First place at “National Amateur Youth Informatics” contest in 1999;
    • Second place in the final round of “Road to Olympia” in 2003;
    • Third place in the final round of “Discovering Computer World” contest in 2004;
    • First place in the final round of National English Speaking Contest for gifted high schools nationwide in 2018;
    • 2 Gold medals at the 9th World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) in 2020 in Korea;
    • First prizes in National English Speaking Contest organized by Vietnam Television and Embassies;
    • Many valedictorians in the National Entrance Examination, with 2 of them getting the maximum points (not to include plus marks) and receive Certificate of Merits from the Prime Minister in 1998 and 1999.