Fantastic 2-week experience at ULIS – University of Languages and International Studies – VNU,Hanoi

Fantastic 2-week experience at ULIS

Takuto Endo: “That 2-week study tour in Vietnam were very short but unforgettable. I’ll never forget the feeling when I first stepped on Vietnam soil. I was surprised by the large number of motorcycles and traffic. Everything in here is much cheaper than that in Japan. The Vietnamese students introduced me to a lot of tourist attractions and let me eat a lot of different kinds of food. It was my first and a good experience. I think that Southeast Asia will be more economically developed in the future. I want Vietnam to be at its center as there are a lot of people in Vietnam who have high technology and good personalitt traits. I will definitely visit this Vietnam again. At that time I look forward to seeing Vietnam which is even further developing.”

Rio Watanabe: “There are two things in Vietnam that I will never forget. First, I remember seeing the crew members wearing the beautiful “Ao dai” on the flight to Vietnam. Since that moment I had always dreamt of having an “Ao dai” of my own. I really looked forward to wearing it. In this study tour, I went to Danang for two days. During the trip, we visited many stunning sceneries and experienced many interesting activities. I can’t forget the wonderful feeling when we were singing while being swayed by the boat on Han River. I realized that it is more difficult than expected to tolerate different values or learn to speak foreign languages, but I want to overcome all those.”

Maki Shigeta: “My best memory in Vietnam was I could make friends across the country. I was able to enjoy my uneasy life with supports from teachers and friends. The air in Vietnam was really fresh every day. My buddies were really kind and took us to many places. They also organized a small party to celebrate my birthday, and I was very happy. Everyone was very kind, and it was glad when I participated it this study tour. I miss everyoneback there. Thank you, ULIS.”

Komatsu Asuka: “I visited Vietnam and I learned that there are many Japanese products in Vietnam. I often saw Japanese motorcycles there. I was happy that Japanese products are preferred in Vietnam. The ULISers who were with us for the 2 weeks were very nice. They were the reason why I had so many memories in Vietnam. All of them were really good at Japanese, so I didn’t have any trouble talking with them. I were learning Korean so I wanted to be able to speak foreign languages fluently like them.”