ULIS celebrated the 72th Anniversary of Vietnamese People’s Army

On December 19th, 2016, ULIS-VNU celebrated the 72th Anniversary of Vietnamese People’s Army and National Defense Day (December 22nd).
The anniversary was attended by Dr. Do Tuan Minh- President of ULIS, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Long- Vice-President of ULIS, Dr. Pham Van Ngoc- Vice-President of ULIS, Mr. Nguyen Cong Nhan- Chairman of Association of Former Teachers together with veterans, youth volunteers who are still working or have retired in 2016, members of militia and other guests.

With over 60 years of construction and development, ULIS is proud of not only noticeable and important achievements in education and training but also great contributions to the protection of national security. The university takes great pride in accomplishing military and national defense work at local level with the praise and rewards from the superiors.
In the anniversary, Mr. Pham Dinh Luong – Deputy commander of Military Base of ULIS presented the summary report on military and national defense work at local level in 2016. Based on the report, 2016 has seen highlight activities of ULIS. The stability of Political Security, Social Order and Safety helped to facilitate the implementation of national defense missions in the locality and promote emulation movement at the university. Despite the difficulties, the Military Base of ULIS carried out many effective activities thanks to the concern and guidance of its Board of Management and the Party as well as the support of the Military Base of Cau Giay district.

– Regarding leadership work: Besides accomplishing regular commissions, the Party Committee and Board of Management always gave a close guidance to the implementation of the military and national defense in the locality to build up a strong national defense by the people and the people’s security.

– Regarding military work: It is necessary to seriously implement the documents of the Government on military and national defense works together with National Defense and Security Education on schedule; to timely create documents for directing relevant units to organize and fulfill some missions such as making plans for battle; training self-defense forces of the university as planned; carrying out readiness for battle in the day of International Conferences or in the holidays; completing the investigation into reservists, techniques and facilities as well as overhauling male citizens at the age of military service on schedule.

The self-defense force of the university closely coordinated with the public security force and other forces to ensure security and order as well as fire and explosion prevention.

Having plans to protect the unit as well as overhauling and supplementing necessary provisions of fire and explosion prevention, Flood and Storm Control and Search and Rescue, promptly handling these situations when they occur.

-Regarding the establishment and training self-defense force: Consolidating this force in accordance with the requirement of Hanoi Capital City Special High Command and Military Base of Cau Giay district; reporting on schedule. In 2016, three staff members of the university have been appointed to the Military Staff Committee, namely:

1.Do Tuan Minh, President, Party Committee Secretary, Commander
2. Nguyen Xuan Long, Vice-president, Member of Party Committee, Political Instructor
3. Ngo Tuan Anh, Staff of General Administration Office, Squad leader

The 2016 troop departure ceremony of self-defense training and the military and national defense maneuver organized by Military Base of Cau Giay district were attended by exact quantity of participants. In the individual shooting competition, the university won the third prize in the group of Academy and received the Certificate of Merit of People’s Committee of Cau Giay district.

Besides participating in the maneuver, the university also created opportunities for the staff and self-defense force to participate in professional training in fire and explosion prevention as well as measures to ensure safety, which directly caters for the activities of the university.
.Regarding the work of National Defense and Security Education: Implement the directive of VNU on National Defense and Security Education for ULIS’s staff and teachers of the group1; 2; 3; 4; 5; for students of Foreign Language Specialized School (FLSS) (1507/1507 =100%); for students of ULIS (870/900 = 96,6%).
– Regarding the management of reserve force and enlistment source: Making sufficient reports on the overhaul of reservists and facilities in reserve: mobilization reserve, staff at the age of militia and self-defense, male teenagers at the age of enlistment, female with technical specialty and necessary facilities for the military.
– Regarding the political work: Grasp thoroughly resolutions of National Party Congress at all levels and documents of the Party, the State, Ministry of National Defense, Hanoi Capital City Special High Command and VNU, particularly place the main focus on checking the awareness of National Defense and Security Education; implement the military rear policy and other policies such as respond and participate in movements namely ‘Gratitude’, ‘ Let every man praise the bridge that carries him over’, etc.)
– Regarding the assurance of finance-techniques: take the initiative to purchase enough essential military items for self-defense force in accordance with the requirements of the superior to guarantee the training and implementation of national defense and military in the locality in each unit; seriously implement the allowances payment for the staff of Military Base and self-defense force according to the Government’s directives.
In general, thanks to the close guidance of the Party, Board of Management of ULIS-VNU and Military Base of Cau Giay district, the Military Base of the university comprehensively carried out directives, plans of the superior and well accomplished the 2016 missions on national defense and military in the locality; participated in troop departure ceremonies, maneuvers and organized maneuvers for the 2016 self-defense force with enough quantity of participants; won the third prize in shooting in the self-defense group of the Academy and the university.
Simultaneously, the central missions in 2017 were also mentioned, including:
-Enhance the political skills and ideology of the self-defense force; contributing to the construction of a chaste and strong Party of the university.

-Maintain the readiness for battle as regulated; cooperate with the public security force in the locality and other forces to guarantee Political Security, Social Order and Safety.
-Proactively support the leaders of the university in directing the implementation of military mission, national defense and security and the military rear policy.

-Enhance the quality of training “basic, practical, solid and realistic”, participate in maneuvers held by the superior, construct the self-defense force according to the provisions of Law on Militia and Self-Defense forces.

– Closely coordinate with organs of VNU and Military Base at the district level to provide the knowledge of national defense and security for the members in each unit as regulated.

– Ensure the sufficiency of the facilities and expense for the operation of the 2017 work of national defense and military in the locality.
Making a speech in the celebration, Mr. Minh – President, Secretary of the Party, commander of Military Base affirmed that through the years, ULIS had built up a close and effective relationship with other units in the armed forces such as Z157 factory, the Army Officer College No.1, Military Technical Academy, Viettel sports center, Military Base of Cau Giay district, etc. Simultaneously, he also sent wishes for a good health to the representatives of the military and hoped that they would always keep the sense of discipline and the determination of Vietnamese People’s army, which are passed down from generations of soldiers returning from the army, to do useful things for the university and society.

The anniversary ended with giving gifts to veterans and enjoying an intimate party.